Manfroi Activity

We are made of ideas and energy. The ideas take shape, become matter and transform into high-quality items; the energy is momentum to push the limits, face daily challenges and to keep moving.
Our uniqueness lies in the details of the moulds and prototypes, in the research into materials suited to the product and in innovative production techniques.


Passion and desire to push the limits by to produce special items; this is our specialty.

This fast-paced and dynamic company is led by Moreno Manfroi, an enthusiast of all that is new and challenging. He is always aware of the latest materials and production techniques.

Turning ideas into tangible, quality and particular items excites us.


We have integrated order and communication to our company structure. Each department is connected with the others, and everything is conducted with a single goal, quality.

Design department

In this department ideas are digitised; they take shape thanks to the latest software and skilled designers.

Mould creation workshop department

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and highly specialised workers, here, moulds are created for small and medium-sized items. This is where the magic of materials begins.

  • Plastic injection moulding for rims and temples.
  • Cold compression moulding for temples, end pieces, nose pieces and rims
  • Small-sized step moulds.
  • Sheet metal and wire stamping.
  • Machining on alpaca details, end pieces, temples, bars, etc.
  • Machining of sheet metal and plates in plastic with surface below.

Pilot mould workshop department.

Prototyping and testing are essential for products made of plastic, they identify the level of the product or any alterations that may be needed. The use of a pilot mould reduces costs enormously.

Plastic/rubber moulding department:
  • Fabrication of rims, temples, nose pieces, rubber tips, overmoulded temples (rubber, metal, carbon, etc.), and masking caps for painting/tumbling.

Metal cold-stamping department:
  • Stamping of temples, nose pieces, bars.

Quality control department:

The department that makes the difference. Assured quality for every order is imprinted here. The whole production line is designed to achieve quality, and this department puts the seal on it. We have designed an outstanding quality control system that enables us to ensure the highest quality production.


Manfroi Activity offers consulting services for plastic and metal mould design.

Experience, knowledge and expertise in identifying the most suitable materials and processes for your projects.

We turn your idea into reality idea step by step, from design to fabrication and to the industrialisation of the production process.