Eyewear is our new passion

At Manfroi, materials and all their applications are the gateway to an infinite world waiting to be explored.

Our Company was founded in an area where eyewear is one of the main manufacturing industries; with our distinctive passion and verve, we have also decided to enter this sector, to give ourselves another challenge.

Entrance into this new field has raised our enthusiasm: to initiate new collaborations, acquire innovative technologies and achieve, after years of study and refinement, the implementation of an ambitious project, conceived and developed entirely within our Company.

Setting ourselves this challenge – enabled by our experience and all our skills – has allowed us to expand a horizon of creativity, research and innovation.

A completely innovative project

Our in-depth knowledge of materials such as acetate, nylon, and plastics prompted us to expand our manufacturing capabilities by starting aluminium processing and producing eyeglasses and finished frames made of special aluminium alloys.

Why aluminium?

We picked this material for its exceptional wealth of qualities and merits:


Aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be recycled countless times; recycled aluminium never loses its original characteristics.

Lightweight yet strong

Aluminium has a far lower specific weight than copper and steel, making its use widespread in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, shipbuilding and automotive.

Ease of assembly

Aluminium is easily combined with several other materials, including plastic, rubber, and acetate.

Having long since developed the technology of injection overmoulding, we can now apply it to the eyewear sector, to achieve unique designs with 3D contouring and original combinations of different materials, with state-of-the-art results and product uniqueness.

We can also combine aluminium with wood inserts, resulting in eyeglasses of particularly surprising and sophisticated appearance.

Another of our strengths is the wide range of colours available for the eyewear, the result of an anodic process carried out in our production departments that allows us to offer an even more unique and original product.

We aim to create entirely artisan-crafted eyeglasses, conceived by our creativity and developed in a wide choice of colours, shapes and details, from the simplest to the most original and complex.

We are ready and structured to provide you with a premium service.

Our experience in multiple fields enables us to develop innovative ideas and, with our commitment and energy, we can make a different projects a reality, as we are now doing with eyewear. From the design to the finished product, we can guarantee an elevated level of quality and offer full service for the production of each of our items.

We are structured to offer a complete service on the production of each of our items: from design to finished product, with the guarantee of a elevated level of quality.

Please contact us for any information or to take a look at your ideas.