In addition to moulding, we carry out other processing techniques to provide a complete service and process the most complex productions to ensure the highest quality in all stages of the work handled directly by us and under our control.

Clarity about your product’s target will be essential in providing you with consistent, high- quality output.

  • Plastic masking caps for painting: specific items essential in certain processing cycles that provide protection for threads or other parts essential for the correct function and completion of the finished product.
  • Caps of all types and characteristics: we can develop these based both on supplied designs, and for customised characteristics.
  • Eyeglass nose pads: items of apparent simplicity that require a sophisticated level of design, development and precision. From the metal core to plastic overmoulding, we supply this delicate and structured process fully finished.


Turning ideas into forms has opened us up to processing techniques to produce items that require the highest level of accuracy.

CNC machining enables both the production of small and large quantities of products that require high precision, for prototyping, verifying functionality and assembly of the concept prior to mould production, and more.

Our department is equipped with the latest generation of lathes and staffed by expert personnel.

We process materials such as:

  • Cold coining of metals
  • Blanking of metals
  • Cold stamping of metals
  • Shearing dies
  • Stamping of cold metals: stamping of temples, nose pieces and bars.


From production to finishing

We finish products that require further, uniform and deburred finish, providing a glossy or matt surface, depending on the project.

In the tumbling department, products are followed meticulously to achieve the best possible result, ensuring technically and visually perfect items.

By using a wheel buffer, we can offer a polished and clean finish. This is a technique that requires expert workmanship and experience and brings a unique look to the product.