You have the idea, and we make it.

We have plastic moulding presses for the production of items and components for various industries: furniture, eyewear, fashion jewellery, clothing, sports, electronics and many more.

We use various plastic moulding methods including:

  • Overmoulding plastic materials
  • Plastic rubber
  • Inserts
  • Plastic metal
  • Co-moulding plastic materials
  • Multi-component and two-colour mouldi
  • Overmoulding of water-soluble material on nylon/plastic.


We have cold stamping presses for metal, ideal processing for: eyewear, fashion or real jewellery.

  • Cold coining of metals
  • Blanking of metals
  • Cold stamping of metals
  • Shearing dies
  • Stamping of cold metals: stamping of temples, nose pieces and bars.


Our job is to transform the intangibility of a concept into tangible, accurate, quality objects. Every idea deserves to be transformed; we don’t set any limits.

We also process rubber, a material unique for its elastic spring back. This material requires special technical skills due to its particular characteristics. We have continually developed and expanded these skills out of our desire to offer an all-round, high level of service to our clients.
This material that has multiple uses and applications, especially in its combination with metal.
We have high-tech presses for:

  • rubber injection moulding